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MAKE ME CHOOSE: ambrena asked - Sven or Maximus
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Scribbles and doodles is my Instagram, and this is my most liked picture on Insta. It was so fun to draw, it’s how I imagine the first time these two met.

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You Were My New Dream

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Just For Kicks


Cheating. One hundred thousand percent cheating. His face accused her of it, and if Phillip could convince courts and leagues of council with the tic of a frown, he thought he could convince of her absolute deceit.

(As if he was free from that kind of guilt entirely)

There was a time for looking surprised—being caught by a whip of hair had to be a one time thing—but Phillip spent that all in less than a second. He arms were kept unbearably rigid at his sides as he was yanked, but held his ground well. It was like some cruel kind of payback for all those times he spun her around during a waltz. It had to be.

He muttered some soft swears and complaints in his native tongue, shooting her unfavorable glances in between. “Sun princess. Sweet little bird of a girl, they said.”

With the back of his heel he kicked the ball until it rolled as faaaaaar away from her as possible. At least she wouldn’t have that victory. Not yet.

There weren’t many people who could say they’ve been captured by Rapunzel, at least not in this way. Her hair rarely saw much use outside looking pretty, occasionally lifting her up the castle railings and saving a life. The children who had only just recently been cheering their prince on stood with tiny o’s for mouth and hushed exclamations.

Did you see? Did you see what the princess did?

And Rapunzel stood, momentarily frozen in pride, with one hand gripping her hair and the other on her hip. She walked, no strolled, towards the prince, hands alternating one after the other as she pulled forward. With each step she spoke, “tsk tsk tsk. Prince Phillip I’m disappointed! Not only were you eaaaasily captured but you kicked the ball away. That’s bad sportsmanship.”

It was obvious that their little lesson had taken a “my chicken is bigger” turn.

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so I’m like behiiiind keeping up with threads so if I owe you let me know! 

No rush at all if you owe me I just wanna make sure I don’t miss anyone. Also if you wanna drop a thread totally cool too! 

- Rapunzel

Also I have this starter still open
If anyone wants it or not it’s cool too.
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