Made in honor of Boo's birthday. Happy Birthday bb!

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Commission of Rapunzel for laurelizab !

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In His Honor


He was not drunk, and he would defend that to his grave, sword cutting the air, cape spinning, and all. A few swigs of birthday drinks were custom that’s all. It would be the shame of the century to deny the man who’d come up to him with a full glass and a toast song to sing. At least when it came to their love of drink, Phillip was most certainly Hubert’s son. BUT! He knew better than to refute Rapunzel at that point,though. So instead of a quip and a scoff, the halls echoed with his soft mutters.

Skumps!… skumps!, a toast to the night…”

Phillip did the job of helping her light several more candles well enough despite his unease with fire, squinting against the smoke and eyeing the boxes with boyish curiosity. He shrugged off her words as nonchalantly as ever. “A million and twenty three, but who’s counting, really?”

"—’And twenty three’? That’s a little excessive I should stop,” but the smile on her lips was enough to tell him she wasn’t on planning to stop anytime soon. Not until the clock struck 12 and he was knocked out in bed too tired to listen to her. She really hoped he liked what she picked out for him. Birthdays were her favorite and this one had out of nowhere. Had she known she would have had something made (or made something herself; she really did love making stuff for people) before making the trip.

Ah well, giving things a personal touch was just as good.

The first of the gifts was something she’d seen in town and felt would suit him. They were simple riding gloves at first, but with the help of Pascal (who stole a pair from Phil’s room for comparison and then brought them saaafely back) they were taken in and should fit him perfectly (or so she hoped). They were made of beautiful soft black leather, and so soft on the inside. With fall on the way and then winter she hoped they’d keep him warm enough. But of course Rapunzel couldn’t just let them be. Gold thread was bought and during the night she carefully embroider his initial and swirls at the ends. It had taken her a few nights to get them perfect but thankfully she wasn’t completely out of practiced.

The second gift was a rather large book with the same sort of pattern painted at the cover. The inside was blank, save for a folded page where she had written and stamped seal.

"I’m sorry. It’s a little rushed and not at all as nice as what you gave me — did I ever thank you for that? Because I really did love it, Look I’m even wearing the pins." Had her hands been free she would have pointed at her head but instead she just turned it to the sid and shook it around. "But umm, Happy Birthday for the millionth and twenty fourth time." Rapunzel held out the boxes, feeling more nervous than she had on the walk there.

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Get to know me meme: [2/5] Favorite movies » Tangled (2010)

" I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?"

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