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Tangled wasn’t the first Disney take on Rapunzel. Check out “Rapunzel: A Swingin’ Fairy Tale” from Wonderful World of Disney vol 1 #1 (1968)

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Okay yes I know I did one of these at 250 buuuut I’ve followed over two hundred more blogs since then sooo yeah. Also I’ve started interacting with a lot more people since then. And also I’m not sure that the mention thing was working like at all on that one so I’m hoping that this one goes better :D Also this was meant to be done at 350 but I am a lazy butt  this is the third time I’ve redone this edit for this ff soooo yeah~ 


Thank you all for being amazing and sticking with me through everything, be it thread selectiveness, irl problems/rants, crying my eyes out every three seconds over fictional characters… You get the gist. But quite honestly, based on the success of my other blogs, I didn’t dare to hope that I’d even get 100. Maybe 150 at the most. And that, after like three months. It has been two months since I made this. I am in awe every day of all of you. Thank you for being amazing :3 Sorry, I’m bad at talking on these things but I tried, and therefore, no one should criticize me.

If you are not on this, I am very sorry. Please know that I love you all but I follow, as of when I wrote this sentence, 725 blogs. There is no way I cold put all of you on here, but you are all lovely ^.^

Brethren Court

thepromiseofredemption: There is literally nothing right now that brings a smile to my face faster than seeing that you are online. There is a fine line between liking a blog and obsessively stalking it and I cross it on a daily basis with you. And for whatever reason, you still talk to me. And I love you for that. Thank you for everything you do and all the feels you give me. You are a perfect human being with perfect muses uvu this isn’t everything i want to say but i’m trying to keep it short

stilliprayforeverysoul: Can I just say w o w? All your muses are so on point, it’s scary. You’re so kind and amazing and great taste in musicals and I just love talking with you about anything and everything ^.^ 

camdintheshifter: W o w what are words? Both you and Camdin are just amazing and I love you both *hugs tightly to self* Okay no but you always have these amazing ideas, be they angsty or serious, and I jus tlove you, okay? Okay. Glad that’s settled then ^.^

iwouldbegoodforyoutoo: Okay wow so I still need to watch Evita buuuut fab Juan is fab. Can I say parental feels? Basically I love you and your Juan and it is actually going to be my main motivation to actually watch it someday. Thank you for your continued amazingness ^.^

magesofcyrodiil: We’ve been interacting for — what? Four hours? And like. Dude. You’re amazing. And yes, I may be being a little biased here because Oblivion is actually p much my favorite game of all time, but the fact remains that you are outstanding ^.^

one-of-the-little-peopleYou’re mostly up here because I know you’d kill me at schoo if you weren’t I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I actually haven’t watched anything Studio Ghibli, buuuut you’re making me want to give it a try. Oh wait I’ve seen Ponyo. Yeah, I’m definitely going to have to watch more. Thank you for being an amazing person and a better friend ^~^

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i wrote most of this while caffinated past midnight please forgive me thank ^.^ love you all!!!

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What big teeth you have!


The smell of food was pleasant, but the thick smell of humans in the air made the wolf feel a bit unnerved. He wasn’t uncomfortable exactly, but it was simply a gut reaction to being surrounded by bustling, human activity. Food being served, people talking…it was all a lot to take in. Thankfully he had Rapunzel there to ground him and keep him focused on what was important.

Food and friends.

Being by the window definitely helped Grim’s feelings of slight unrest. It made the place feel roomier and a little less active. He looked out the window as Rapunzel talked, easing nicely into the whole situation.

"I could try to," he nodded, turning away from the window to speak to her. It probably wasn’t polite to seem so distracted when you were out with someone in public. "Magic has a very distinct smell to it. Well, not that you’d be able to tell, but almost any animal can pick up on it," he explained tapping his nose lightly. "A little early detection could go a long way."

The sudden appearance of the waitress was a welcome one, and Grim suddenly realized that he had no idea what he wanted. Well, not anything specific really. Did “food” count as a suitable answer? And even if he had an idea, goodness knows he could eat. “That all depends on what you’d suggest.”

How many people could sit there and say they’ve seen a wolf order food? Not many she believed but even as the waitress began to list the specials of the day and what her own favorites were Rapunzel could only think about what he’d said. Mozenrath has said something about smelling magic too but she certainly couldn’t smell it. Was it fruity? Or maybe it smelled bad? Or maybe different kinds of magic had different scents? She chewed her lip and pressed her brows together in thought. Having Maugrim around could probably cut her search for Lucrecia by half at least, but she couldn’t impose on him like that either. Maybe she should buy a dog.

Wait, would that be insulting?

“— excuse me,” a voice broke through her thoughts and she snapped back to look at the waitress. The woman kissed her teeth and tapped on her pad. “Does any of that sound good?”

The princess sucked in her breath between her teeth and nodded, she hadn’t been listening at all. “The last one sounded delicious. I’ll take that.”

What did she just order?

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Disappearing Act | Aladdin & Rapunzel


Aladdin felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, too, (despite having a monkey sitting on one of them) as he watched Rapunzel breathe a sigh of relief. ”Blondie it is,” he said, still thankful for the mutual understanding of absent titles. His background lacked years and years of formal training and even after all the lessons he had been getting during his engagement and marriage to the princess of Agrabah, traditions and formalities still needed some getting used to. “And yeah, I completely understand.” He smiled to himself when she mentioned that she’s a person, too — he felt that it was really important to see past all the glitter, gold, and fancy fabrics, just like she did, since he got to experience all that on his journey to be next in line for the Agrabanian throne.

Upon being offered a detour, he nodded in acceptance. “Sure. I mean, uh, if you don’t mind me intruding or anything.” Although they weren’t being so formal, he still kept in mind to not overstep any boundaries while he was here; shedding his title of prince consort wasn’t so easy.

He watched her interact with one of the servants. She didn’t spout out orders; it wasn’t rushed or even one-sided. To an outsider they could have thought the two were friends having a small chat in passing before they were back on their separate ways.

Once the small conversation ended, Aladdin felt her hand on his arm, to which he offered by reflex, but was caught a little off guard as she started to pull him. Not that there was much resistance to follow, he felt Abu hold on a little tighter so he didn’t fall off. Only for a moment did his eyes meet with Pascal’s, to which he flinched a little, not expecting his glare. He thought he heard Abu blow a small raspberry over his shoulder.

"Heights are definitely not a problem.”

Rapunzel’s art room was the highest tower of the castle and overlooked the whole kingdom from all sides. In the past it had been used during times of battle to watch for upcoming trouble but had been left unoccupied for decades before her birth. There was no use of watchtowers and battle during times of peace. Stumbling upon the forgotten stairs that lead up and then finding the door unlocked was either a lucky break or fate. Whatever the case, it took weeks to prepare and slowly but surely she’d made the area her home within the home. If anyone ever needed her they usually looked up there first.

The more they walked the darker the halls became. As big as the castle was not all halls or all the rooms were ever used so candles were often left to the main halls and the curtains were drawn during the day as not to be forgotten at night. But Rapunzel didn’t have a problem cutting corners and climbing up stairs having already memorized the route. The arm on his tightened just a little more the closer they appeared. Leave it to Rapunzel to automatically deem them friends after only ten minutes of knowing each other.

Eventually their journey lead them through a door that she unlocked with a key she always kept with her and set of winding stone steps were presented. The princess only stopped long enough to smile at Aladdin before she began the long climb up. “I found this place on a whim but I was always really curious about the topmost part of the castle. I have this love of heights I just love being able to see past like-” she tapped her eyes then held her arms out multiple times. “You know? Regular height. Especially me being so tiny as I am the higher up I am the better I feel. Different perspectives are good — Oh! That’s the word! Average perspective. I like seeing as far ask I can.”

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