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R is for RAPUNZEL…

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——————————————Rapunzel, Rapunzel — What kind of a name is that? ]
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Hazelnut Soup


Spices were not swords, and neither were they Samson, who tolerated the prince’s heavy handed yanks at the reigns with an applaudable lack of protest. So, with stubborn hands so used to things more heavy and resistant, Phillip flicked his wrist over hers more ungently than he should’ve. More pepper than he had to, and then more sugar to negate it after. He nearly dropped every bottle into the bowl at least once. But hey, the kitchen wasn’t even burned to a crisp, and that in itself was a miracle.

He brought the spoon to her lips to taste and just when he could see her lean into it, he snatched it up and tasted it for himself. “You’re quite good at that you know,” he said offhandedly after a tiny smack of his lips. “Putting in little life lessons in the least obvious places. You and your father, I think.”

It had gone better than expected. For someone so graceful you’d imagine he’d have a lighter hand but that wasn’t the case at all. Luckily for the both of them Rapunzel was better than good in the kitchen. As she instructed him him along she added little facts about this spice or that. When was the best time to plant squash? Where could you get wild parsnips? Soon enough the whole thing was strained through wire-mesh and garnished with roasted hazelnuts.

She made a show of clapping the “dust” from her hands for a job well done. It didn’t smell ruined or looked it but that was always pretty deceiving wasn’t it? Just as she was about to take the first taste (curtsy of the offered spoon) it was pulled away. The blonde made a face but his compliment made her pause. There was a change in her that started at her toes and came up to the very ends of her hair. 


She was like her father? ”R-really? That… means a lot. Thank you,” she replied with a dreamy sigh. “You too.”

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Blondie! Did you have feelings for Flynn during your journey with him?

Yeesh you’re really putting me on the spot here but… ummm yes. I think so. He was the first person besides Gothel that I’d ever spoken to and he made my birthday absolutely perfect. I won’t go so far to say I was in love with him but I felt happy with him. He was-is a really good friend and I miss him. I know that wherever he is he’s having the time of his life. I just wish he wrote more often.”

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The King and Queen’s Portrait (From the movie!)

Dan Cooper | Digital

"Painting over CG render from the framed portrait in the Queen’s chamber at the beginning of Tangled. Not quite the finish…but close to it."

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Let’s talk about this scene for a second. Look at Rapunzel’s expressions. In the first gif, when Gothel calls her over, you can see the slight fear in her eyes. She’s thinking, “She interrupted me, is she going to yell at me? Or is she going to criticize me again?” because that’s all she’s ever known. She expects that from Gothel.
Now in the second gif, look how she realizes that her mother is actually complimenting her. This is unusual for her. Rapunzel’s face lights up and her confidence boosts in the third gif.
In the fourth one, she’s grinning, feeling really happy and really appreciates the compliments, because it’s a rare thing for her to hear. She’s thinking, “I didn’t expect that at all, but I feel really good about myself now!” But then, Gothel makes it about herself, completely putting aside Rapunzel. You can see how her face falls, she’s surprised and hurt and her insecurities come flooding back. “Oh, it’s not true. I’m not strong or confident or beautiful.”

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